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Noise FAQ

Answers to your questions about noisy neighbors. What's Below: Are noisy neighbors breaking the law? How should I approach my neighbor about a noise problem? Can I sue a noisy neighbor? Isn't my landlord supposed to keep noisy tenants quiet? My neighbor's dog barks all the time, and it's driving me crazy. What can

Noise FAQ2019-08-07T21:01:20-04:00

Buying a Newly Built House

How to reduce costs and risks when buying a new house. There's something appealing about a brand new house -- you get to pick out the carpet, drapes, and appliances, and have everything designed just the way you want it. New houses often come with more space and better appliances, require less immediate fix-up

Buying a Newly Built House2019-08-07T21:01:57-04:00

Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease Terms

Negotiating a good lease can save you money. Learn where landlords are willing to make concessions. When you get serious about an available business space, chances are you'll be presented with a typed or printed commercial lease prepared by the landlord or the landlord's lawyer. As you read the lease, keep these points in

Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease Terms2019-08-07T21:02:16-04:00

Mortgage Basics FAQ

Find the best loan option for you, plus tips on how to afford a mortgage and down payment. What's Below: Where should I shop for home loans or mortgages? What are low down payment options, for buyers who can't afford a 20% down payment? What is private mortgage insurance (PMI)? Can I tap into

Mortgage Basics FAQ2017-07-21T23:34:05-04:00

Get a House Inspection Before Buying

Before you finalize your house purchase, be sure the house is in good condition. The best way is to have a professional inspection. Inspecting the physical condition of a house is an important part of the home-buying process, and should be a condition of closing the sale. One or more professional inspectors should look

Get a House Inspection Before Buying2019-10-13T21:00:33-04:00

Homeowners’ Insurance: What You Need to Know

Get the basics on homeowners' insurance and the importance of doing a home inventory. Before finalizing a mortgage loan, lenders require homebuyers to purchase at least a minimal level of "hazard insurance," which is part of the standard homeowners' insurance policy. Hazard insurance will cover damage or destruction by fire, smoke, wind, hail, theft,

Homeowners’ Insurance: What You Need to Know2017-07-21T23:29:57-04:00


Do good fences really make good neighbors? These frequently asked questions may help you decide. What's Below: How high can I build a fence on my property? My neighbor is building a fence that violates the local fence law, but nothing's happening. How can I get the law enforced? My neighbor's fence is hideous.

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